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In today’s edition, we’ll take you through some of Upsurge’s best newsletter issues of 2023 - don't miss out on these gems that promise to elevate your trading game!

Best Trading Strategies of 2023!

An effective combination using RSI and MFI for excellent trading signals 👇🏼

Learn to read any chart in ‘one glance’ by decoding 3 things - the direction, the momentum, and the potential timing of a price trend 👇🏼 

Learn a price action trading strategy using the CPR Indicator, brought to us by Mr. Gomathi Shakar, the ‘King of CPR’ 👇🏼

Learn Sivakumar's 2-candle theory to find breakout trades in index futures and index options 👇🏼

Interpret open interest data to find possible support and resistance levels 👇🏼

Learn to identify trends and reversals effectively using Donchian Channels 👇🏼

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