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Renowned global hedge fund managers are betting big on India, our indices are touching all-time-highs, and the Indian GDP is growing at a pace like never before. It’s clear that India is entering a structural bull run.

In a time when everything is growing, which area gives the best returns? 

We did some work and found out the best way to capitalize on such a rally…

🔎 Don’t believe us, believe data

➡️ We scanned through 20+ years of market data to see how the midcap, small-cap, and large-cap indices performed during the different bull & bear phases.

➡️ On average, small caps have outperformed large caps by 63% and mid caps by 30% during bull runs.

➡️ If you had started a ₹5,000 SIP in BSE SmallCap in April 2003, you would have made ₹1,28,09,561 by March 2023, which is 18% more than what you would have made in BSE MidCap and 44% more than what you would have made in BSE Sensex.

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🚀 The New Bull Run has Begun

Many signs of a bull run in India are being witnessed:

  • BSE Sensex, BSE Midcap, and BSE Smallcap have recently hit their all-time-highs; all of them are trading above their 200-day average.

  • Several structural shifts taking place in India point to a fundamental improvement in the economy.

  • The INDIAVIX is also within the range of 10-12 for the past several weeks, a sign that investor fear is at bay.

In fact, since the 2020 crash, the small-cap supremacy is pretty evident:

BSE Smallcap (yellow) has been a clear outperformer since the 2020 crash.

None of the above stock ideas are intended as recommendations. Please consult a registered advisor before buying/selling.

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