Bullish Marubozu | Bullish Candlestick Pattern

Stocks forming a Bullish Marubozu

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Bringing to you stocks forming a bullish marubozu as of 17th October 2023. Continue reading to learn which stocks made the list and what a bullish marubozu indicates…

➡️ Marubozu is a Japanese word meaning “bald”. It is a candlestick having a large, lengthy body with little to no upper or lower shadow. This sturdy body denotes a powerful movement in either an upward or downward direction. In a Bullish Marubozu, open=low, close=high and in a Bearish Marubozu, open=high, close=low.

➡️ When a bullish Marubozu forms, it means that the price rose steadily from the time it opened until it closed, trying to rise even higher. Conversely, the bearish Marubozu candle means that the price fell steadily from the time it opened until it closed, trying to fall even lower.

➡️ Regardless of the previous trend, the behavior on Bullish Marubozu day implies that a rise in bullishness will follow this abrupt shift in sentiment and will last for the following few trading sessions.

👀 Note that you should combine a bullish marubozu with other indicators like volume, moving averages, etc. before taking a trade.

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