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Understanding Camarilla Pivot Points

The Camarilla pivot point is a math-based indicator that provides automated levels of support and resistance - one central pivot point along with 4 levels of support and resistance each.

They are calculated based on a formula that considers the previous day's high, low, and close prices.Β 

This indicator gives clear signals for bullish and bearish market conditions. If prices open near S1 or S2 levels and keep moving towards the R1 or R2 levels then it gives a bullish signal. Similarly, if prices open near R1 or R2 levels and move towards S1 or S2 levels, it gives a bearish signal.

Using Camarilla for Scalping in Futures

Let’s understand how Camarilla can be used for scalping.

If you have taken a long position, you can book profits when the price touches the different resistance levels. Conversely, if you have taken a short position, you can exit when it reaches appropriate support levels.

Pivot points are based on simple calculation, and many times, prices may move back and forth within the levels, not giving a clear signal.

Camarilla pivot points can be artfully combined with the Chikou and RSI indicators to develop a powerful scalping strategy for futures.

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