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A scalping strategy using 3 indicators →

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Today we’ll discuss a scalping strategy for futures that has a 70% success rate.

This strategy uses a combination of 3 indicators - Camarilla Pivots, RSI, & Chikou.

➡️ Camarilla Pivot levels are formulated using the previous day’s high price, low price, and closing price. It has 4 resistance and support levels. If you have taken a long position, you should book profits when the price reaches resistance levels. Conversely, if you have taken a short position, you should exit when it reaches support levels.

➡️ Relative Strength Index is a measure of a stock’s momentum, i.e. the speed and magnitude of its price change over the previous 14 sessions. One should take a long position when the RSI is below 30 and a short position when the RSI is above 70 under this strategy.

➡️ The Chikou line, a component of the Ichimoku trading tool, is used to understand the momentum in the trade and represents the current price plotted 26 periods behind. The line should be moving above the price for long trades and below the price for short trades.

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