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Today in less than 5 minutes:

1. Stocks forming 'three inside out' candlestick pattern
2. Stocks with a golden crossover
(Plus, learn how to do it yourself)

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You don’t need to look at 500 charts daily

As a trader, scanning charts looking for a pattern or indicator criteria to be met is the most time-consuming task. Assuming your stock universe is NSE500, would you have the time to glance through 500 charts daily, let alone on an hourly basis?!

Well, it’s now possible to scan through not hundreds but thousands of charts to filter stocks based on your specific criteria within seconds - using 2 awesome tools 🤩

Let’s learn how!

Tool #1: Top Stock Research

‘Top Stock Research’ is a stock screening platform where one can filter stocks based on several technical and fundamental criteria. You can learn several profitable trading strategies here.

Popular for screening candlestick patterns, let’s use this tool to look for stock charts forming a ‘Three Inside Up’ pattern:

1) First, visit You’ll land on the home page which looks like this:

2) Next, type the candlestick pattern you’re looking for in the search bar. We’ll use ‘Three Inside Up’, a bullish candlestick pattern:

3) Once you click on the pattern, you will reach a page that’ll display stock names forming the selected candlestick pattern. You can change the time frame, and look for other candlestick patterns as well:

Running this query on a daily time frame as of 15/01/2024, we found the following stocks notably forming the ‘three inside up’ candlestick pattern:


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Let’s now move on to TradingView, another stock charting & filtering software with more advanced capabilities.

Tool #2: TradingView

TradingView is one of the world’s most popular charting and stock-scanning tools. It has multiple capabilities like filtering stocks, chart drawing, multi-timeframe analysis, etc. Let’s use this tool to find stocks with a golden crossover:

1) Visit and select ‘Stock’ under the ‘Screeners’ section:

2) Click on the ‘Filters’ tab in the top right corner. A window will open up where you’ll be able to set parameters for filtering stocks. We suggest you ‘Reset’ this & define your parameters from scratch:

3) Let’s select our parameters for finding stocks that are forming a golden crossover. The final tab would look something like this:

4) Once you close the tab after setting the parameters, you’ll get a list of stocks fulfilling the set criteria. You can also set the timeframe of candles based on which you want to filter stocks. It would look something like this:

Running this query on a daily time frame as of 15/01/2024, we found the following stocks notably forming a golden crossover:


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