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In today's edition, get an exclusive glimpse into the pre-market routine of Sivakumar Jayachandran, one of India's premier scalpers…

Why pre-market hours are important?

The stock market operates from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM but is impacted by many things that happen throughout the day. As we are increasingly becoming integrated with the world, anything happening around the globe directly or indirectly has an impact.

There are some factors, however, that have been found to influence markets the most….

4 macro indicators Sivakumar tracks…

  1. Global markets: Dow Futures gives a good preview of how the rest of the markets around the globe will perform. You can also track Chinese, Japanese, and Hong Kong markets because these are the most influential in Asia. Historically, Indian markets have followed their direction 80-90% of the time, except when other significant national events are taking place, like the Budget, elections, or announcements of RBI policies.

  2. USD index: Historically, whenever the dollar index has traded at 95-90 levels or lower, emerging economies like India have benefitted as investors seek higher returns when local currencies are strengthening.

  3. Crude prices: India is a crude importing country, and rising crude oil prices will lead to a weakening of the rupee as a result of inflation. Consequently, bond yields shoot up. As a result, RBI will raise interest rates to promote savings and reduce consumption, leading to stagflation.

  4. Major news: News like ceasefire, talks of negotiations between countries, and releasing hostages all lead to positive sentiments. Conversely, news like increases in casualty, or increases in bombing all give birth to negative sentiments.

Note that the above data points would simply help you form a market opinion. Additionally, you should consider other confirming factors before entering a trade.

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