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Today we’ll discuss expert scalper Sivakumar Jayachandran’s top 3 principles for successful scalping. But first, a little on Sivakumar…

Sivakumar Jayachandran (also known as Siva), has 15+ years of experience in options trading, being one of the few traders to generate consistent returns as an options buyer using his unique scalping strategy. He is the founder of OI Pulse, a tool that helps traders identify the right trading opportunities by analyzing multiple variables simultaneously.

📌 Siva’s Scalping Principles

1. The 1% Rule

Siva’s 1% rule is about making consistent intraday profits and avoiding revenge trading. The idea is to exit your positions after making a 1% return daily, not more than that. Though 1% may look like a small amount, a daily intraday return of 1% can double your capital within 5 months. One of the biggest mistakes many novice traders make is that they try to maximize their profits every single day. Wanting more & more is a recipe for disaster.

2. Using the Previous Day’s Profit as Stop Loss

Another clever strategy is that Siva uses the previous day’s profit as a stop loss for the current day. If he made 1 lakh the previous day, he would set his stop loss at 1 lakh on the current day. The idea is to not risk one’s capital, to prevent revenge trading.

3. Splitting Your Capital

Finally, Siva does not put all his eggs in one basket. He splits his capital into 5 different accounts. After making money in one account, he closes it and moves on to the next one, thinking that he’s starting the day afresh. This helps him protect his profit. Owing to this risk management strategy, Siva can generate a 15% ROI consistently every month.

To summarize,

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