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Stocks likely to benefit from the Ram Mandir inauguration →

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Stocks blessed with Ayodhya’s golden touch

The much anticipated (and controversial) Ram Mandir's inauguration on 22nd January has not only evoked excitement among Hindu devotees but also garnered the interest of D-street, which is always looking for a new ‘theme’ to invest in.

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With daily footfall in Ayodhya expected to be in several crores, investors are eyeing the tourism sector for some auspicious gains. We’ve identified 6 stocks that are likely to gain from the Mandir’s opening, both for the short & long term:

Quick Gainers

1) Apollo Sindoori Hotels: Gaining 64.1% in the past 5 days, this hotel is building a multi-level parking facility, and a rooftop restaurant while offering customized itineraries - capable of accommodating 1000+ devotees 🏨

2) Praveg: This luxury tourism company quietly opened an ultra-luxurious resort along the Brahma Kund in Ayodhya last November, and its price has zoomed 40.9% in just the past 5 days. Fun fact: It’s also opening tents in Lakshwadeep 🏕️

3) Genesys International: This mapping technology solutions provider’s product has been chosen as the official map for Ayodhya. It’s already gained 9.5% in the past 5 days 📍

The upcoming Ram Mandir inauguration has also paved the way for sustained growth for market leaders in the tourism space.

Long-Term Beneficiaries

1) Interglobe Aviation (Indigo): This low-cost, high-market-share airline is set to benefit from the surge in crowds flocking to the golden city. It has already started daily flights from Delhi to Ayodhya ✈️

2) Indian Hotels: IHCL has upcoming Vivanta and Giner-branded projects in Ayodhya (exp. completion in early 2027), building the city’s first branded hospitality experience 🏩

3) IRCTC: The company is planning to run over a thousand trains to accommodate millions of Indians who are expected to travel to Ayodhya. But the Ayodhya rush is not the only good thing going on for the PSU… read on to find out why it’s our pick of the week!

Note that none of the above stock ideas are intended as recommendations. Do your own research before investing.

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