⚡️ Stocks with 3 Bullish Signals

52 week high + high volumes + 3 white soldiers

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Bringing to you stock ideas that are showing 3 Bullish Signals as of 12th October 🔥

Read on to find out what those signals are…

➡️ We arrived at the above stocks after scanning for 3 bullish signals - three white soldiers, a 52-week high, and above-average volumes.

➡️ ‘Three white soldiers’ is a candlestick chart pattern consisting of 3 consecutive long-bodied bullish candlesticks that open within the previous candle's real body and have a close that exceeds the previous candle's high. It is a bullish pattern predicting the reversal of a downtrend in a stock’s chart.

➡️ High volumes seen in any stock indicate involvement of ‘smart money’, i.e. investment interest with a high flow of capital. Above-average volumes are always a positive sign, especially when combined with other indicators.

➡️ Stocks forming a 52-week high are usually indicative of market interest, especially when combined with high volumes. Note that buying stocks that are trading at a 52-week high is not always a good move, especially if other confirming indicators are missing.

👀 3 indicators pointing in the same direction is definitely something you should watch out for!

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None of the above stock ideas are intended as recommendations. Please consult a registered advisor before buying/selling.

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